From the moment we set foot in a historical building, ‘ArtesaníaNazarí’ begins the study of the different motifs and carvings on the walls created by the artisans of the era. From the many examples, we choose a selection and study them in great detail (looking at size, form, location within the historical building, etc.) and in respect of the other motifs. This all leads to the selection of the most representative motifs, which convey to the client the skills the artisan of said era had in designing and carving.They would include motifs of vegetables, epigraphs or shapes, and on occasionmotifs of figures or animals.

Before completion, every single piece we create in the workshopis worked on by hand. This leaves each piece with a unique finish in bothshape,butalso ornamentation due to the application of patinas and diverse colours which form part of each piece’s polychromy.

The pieces are reproduced in different dimensions to the original works, adapting the motifs and producing new designs so the pieces or fragments selected have a collective vision while still being unique. With certain pieces, in order to avoid forgery we introduce new motifs to ensure the piecesaredifferent.